UPMC Hamot School of Anesthesia

Master Schedule - Program Course Sequence

First Year

Spring Semester (January - April)Credits
GNURS525Theoretical Foundations of Nursing3
GNURS627Physiology for Anesthesia 14
GNURS561Chemistry and Physics of Anesthesia3
GNURS625Pharmacology for Anesthesia 13
GNURS630Advanced Physical Assessment and Foundations of Anesthesia Nursing 1   3
Semester Total16 credits
Summer Semester (May - August)Credits
GNURS628Physiology for Anesthesia 23
GNURS632Advanced Physical Assessment and Foundations of Anesthesia Nursing 23
GNURS725Advanced Anesthesia Nursing 13
GNURS617Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 10
Semester Total9 credits
Fall Semester (September – December)Credits
GNURS629Physiology for Anesthesia 32
GNURS626Pharmacology for Anesthesia 23
GNURS650Research Methods3
GNURS618Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 20
Semester Total8 credits

Second Year

Spring Semester (January - April)Credits
GNURS526Role Theory and Professional Issues in Nursing3
GNURS726Advanced Anesthesia Nursing 23
GNURS651Research Seminar3
GNURS619Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 30
Semester Total9 credits
Summer Semester (May - August)Credits
GNURS721Thesis or Project Guidance1
GNURS717Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 40
Semester Total1 credits
Fall Semester (September - December)Credits
GNURS721Thesis or Project Guidance1
GNURS731Integrated Role Seminar3
GNURS718Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 50
Semester Total4 credits

Third Year

Spring Semester (January - April)Credits
GNURS721Thesis or Project Guidance1
GNURS719Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 60
Semester Total1 credit
Program Credit Total48 credits